McDonald's Might Be Getting Rid Of Its Soda Machines

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

You might want to appreciate McDonald's soda fountain machines a lot more than you have been because they might be going away in a post-coronavirus world!

According to a new memo in The Wall Street Journal almost 14,000 McDonald's across the country will be removing soda fountains from their restaurants to establish better sanitary practices.

Essentially McDonald's told owners they should shut their soda fountains down or post an employee next to it to operate them so if you're used to a McDonald's where the employee gets the drink for you then expect this as the new normal.

If you have ever worked at a fast food restaurant you know that the soda machine is often one of the most unsanitary things in the store just because you have hundreds of people using it in a single day and sometimes the ice maker traps "things" when creating ice.

Either way, if you have the ability, make a custom soda for us with as many flavors as possible, because you might get judged the next time you're in a McDonald's and an employee makes it for you!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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