HBO Max Is Going To #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

The Snyder Cut is REAL everybody!

After years of fans petitioning for the unedited version of Zack Snyder's Justice League, we are finally going to get it on HBO Max in 2021 after Snyder made the announcement during his re-watch of Man of Steel.

The "Snyder Cut" essentially refers to Snyder's version of Justice League before it was re-shot and edited by Joss Whedon after Snyder had to leave the project. When the version releases on HBO Max there will also be a completely redone score and even additional dialogue voiced by the actors to complete the film.

As of right now there's no word on how long the Snyder Cut actually is, some are saying it's over four hours long, but Warner Bros. is helping the film by giving Snyder $20-30 million to complete his version of the film.

Easy to say that we now have a reason to get HBO Max for sure in 2021 after it launches on May 27th!


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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