This Woman Sent 2,000 Onions To Her Ex After Breaking Up

If you're going to break up with someone always make sure to do it in-person and to be sincere, unlike this ex-boyfriend who learned the hard way after cheating on his girlfriend!

A woman in Shandong, China is going viral for getting revenge on her ex by sending him over 2,000 onions to his boyfriend anonymously in one day.

Halfway through the onion delivery truck, which had to stay parked in front of the ex-boyfriend's house for hours, was a message that said, "I cried for three days, this should make you cry for a while!"

While there wasn't a price mentioned as to how much was spent on the revenge-tactic, we think it's priceless! You can see some of the pictures random strangers took of the delivery HERE, but what did you do to get revenge on an ex?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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