Alamo Drafthouse Is Launching Its Own Streaming Service

Get ready for another streaming service that you'll probably pay for because theater chain Alamo Drafthouse has announced it's launching its own streaming service!

Alamo partnered up with ScreenPlus and Vista Cinema to launch Alamo On Demand, which will allow viewers to rent or purchase from their expanding library of programs from Alamo’s 41 theaters across the country.

The library of films will be curated by members of Alamo’s staff and will consist of movies that had their theatrical run cut short due to the coronavirus to independent films and cult classic selected by those working at Alamo Drafthouse.

Right now the lineup includes recent films like Parasite, Knives Out, Call Me By Your Name, and La La Land, and will also include older classics like Dirty Dancing, Apocalypse Now and Rock and Roll High School.

To sign up for the NEW streaming service and to see if it needs to be added to your running list of other streaming services you can go HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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