The Russo Brothers Are Making A Live-Action 'Hercules' For Disney

Get ready to watch one more Disney live-action remake that might be just as good as the original because the Russo brothers, the directors behind Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame have just confirmed they are working on a live-action Hercules!

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that both Joe and Anthony Russo are attached to the live-action remake of the 1997 animated film as producers. While they weren't confirmed to direct the remake, we can have cross our fingers that they do.

There is no release date or production date on this Hercules project, but the original 1997 movie is available on Disney+. They can cast whomever they want, but they better bring back Danny DeVito as Phil like they did with James Earl Jones as Mufasa in the 2019 Lion King!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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