Call Of Duty Cheaters Are Now Being Forced To Play Together

You may or may not have heard your partner yelling at their TV because of cheaters in Call of Duty, well now they can rest assure because the game is helping your partner out!

Starting this week Call of Duty: Warzone, the latest installment of the franchise, will be grouping “suspected cheaters” and forcing them to play in their own lobbies with other suspected cheaters.

As part of Infinity Ward’s new update, this also includes banning more than 70,000 players for cheating. While this might not prevent cheaters from still getting in to the game, at least you won't hear your partner yell as often while you're both quarantined at home together!

Also if you want to join the show's Call of Duty Regiment (group) make sure you look up "My Man Squad" in Warzone or just DM us to be added!


Photo Credit: Activision

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