You Can Now Take FREE Online Classes At Hogwarts!

If you have ever dreamed of going to Hogwarts and didn't want to pay for a trip to Universal Studios then just know that you can NOW take classes inspired by the classes from the Harry Potter movies!

A group of Harry Potter fans have put together an online Wizarding World filled with an entire magical course directory, and it’s completely FREE!

The website is called Hogwarts is Here and it allows users to enroll in realistic online courses like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions and you can even get your assignments graded by "Hogwarts professors" and earn house points!

When you sign up, you even get to choose your character (or use your own name) and pick your house. From there, you can join or make a dorm based on your house where you can socialize with your own private group of classmates. If you don't want to be a student, you can be a House ghost, auror, magical creature expert, or literally any other occupation you want while indulging in texts from the Hogwarts library.

However, just know that you still can't have Hagrid visit you so I've included that GIF below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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