We've Been Singing The "Drake & Josh" Theme Song Wrong The Entire Time!

Nickelodeon had some BANGERS when it came to live-action shows in the mid-2000s like Zoey 101, Victorious, iCarly, and Drake & Josh, but did you know we've been singing the theme song to Drake & Josh wrong the ENTIRE TIME!?

The theme song was actually sung by Drake Bell and was called "I Found A Way" and thanks to Bell's TikTok we have ALL been proven wrong!

Apparently everyone has thought that the main line in the song was "It's gonna take some time to realize." Even TV captions have said that the line ends in "realize," but in Bell's recent TikTok he points out that the real line is "It's going to take some time to REALIGN."

My mind has now OFFICIALLY been blown apart! You can see the TikTok video below, which is followed by the opening to Drake & Josh to help you relive the good 'ol days!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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