A Drunk UK Student Took A $1,700 Uber Trip Home To His Parents!

We've all been there before where we don't necessarily remember everything that happened on the Uber or Lyft back home, but this college student in the UK might be everyone's worst-case scenario: paying for a $1,700 Uber home...to your PARENTS' HOUSE!

Apparently the student, who went to Newcastle University ordered his Uber home after drinking with his friends, but when he typed in "Home" he accidentally clicked on his parent's address in Norwich instead of his own home address in Newcastle.

From Newcastle to Norwich it is ab out a FIVE-HOUR, 250 mile-long drive, and the Uber driver couldn't really double-check with the student because he blacked-out in the back of the Uber.

It wasn't until the guy woke up about five minutes from his destination that he realized what had happened, but luckily the Uber driver didn't charge him because he got to visit HIS family that same day!

Talk about a stroke of luck, but you know if he had a different Uber driver that he would be BROKE!

(The Drive)

Photo Credit: Getty Images, GIPHY

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