There's A Secret "Chewbacca Mode" On Disney's Smuggler's Run Ride

If you're planning on going to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at either Disneyland or Disney World this year then you might want to remember this hack that will let CHEWBACCA guide you throughout your experience on the Smuggler's Run ride!

It's unofficially called the "Chewie Mode" and if you pull it off you can hear Chewbacca talking to you during the first five minutes of riding Smuggler's Run (aka the Millennium Falcon ride).

I've included a video below of how to pull it off, but here are some written instructions, just in case you need it before you get on the ride:

  1. DON'T activate your position on Smuggler's Run right away.
  2. BOTH left and right pilots NEED to push their controls to the extreme left/right or extreme up/down.
  3. Then BOTH pilots can hit their activation button
  4. Engineers and Gunners need to hit ONE of the white buttons on their console before hitting their orange activation button.
  5. ALL of this has to be down before the cast member finishes checking your seat-belts and asks you to pull the yellow safety tab.

If you did it successfully then you will hear Chewbacca greet you when you start the ride instead of Hondo Ohnaka, the ride's normal guide.

Now get out there and go save the galaxy!!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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