Reynolds Wrap Created Another "Hunger Harness" For This Year's Big Game!

Oh you thought last year's "Hunger Harness" was a one-and-done deal? Guess again, because Reynolds Wrap is bringing back their infamous "Hunger Harness" for this year's Big Game!

Like last year, Reynolds Wrap will be selling a silver harness that comes with thermal/insulated pockets to hold various amounts of snacks to keep them warm, a fold-out tray, and a drink holder.

HOWEVER, the newly-enhanced version will come with an integrated straw, a cell phone pouch, a paper towel holder and a detachable neck pillow, for whenever you eventually pass out into a food coma.

The Hunger Harness 2.0 is available to purchase through Reynolds Wrap's official website, which you can go to HERE. One Hunger Harness 2.0 will set you back $3.99 and only release in limited batches so if you want one this year, then act fast!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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