DiGiorno Could Give Out Free Pizza During The Big Game!

Even if you weren't going to watch the Big Game this year because your team wasn't in it, you were at least going to watch the commercials! However, this year DiGiorno has the perfect incentive for you to pay attention to the game: FREE PIZZA!

Friendly reminder that the Big Game takes place on February 2nd this year and if at any point the score of the game is either 3-14 or 14-3, then the pizza company will be giving viewers the chance to get free pizza!

Once the score is reached, DiGiorno will tweet a link where you can register to get a coupon for a free pizza that you can use on Pi Day (March 14th). HOWEVER, as soon as the score changes is when the coupons end as well so you're going to need to act fast.

Now here's a pro tip: if a team scores a normal touchdown and is going for an extra point, then you need to act super-fast, but if someone scores a field goal and the other team two touchdowns with the extra point then you're solid for at least a few minutes!

As Johnny Rose from Schitt's Creek says, "Always Be Ready!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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