Paul Rudd Recreated The "Look At Us" Meme At The AFC Championship Game!

Not going to lie that I had no idea that Paul Rudd was a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but it's led to one of the greatest meme recreations of all time!

A Sports Illustrated reporter was able to get Paul Rudd to recreate his infamous "Look At Us" meme in the locker room of the Kansas City Chiefs after she had realized he was on her plane headed to Kansas City for the game.

She had originally planned on asking him to recreate the meme on the plane ride, but instead tried being professional and told the Ant-Man star that if he wanted to talk about the team that she would love to do an interview.

Turns out that Paul Rudd remembered the reporter after they both saw each other in the locker room celebrating the Chiefs win and ran up to her to give her a hug! He then quoted his infamous meme and said “Hey, look at us. Who would’ve thought?”

Check out the photo of the pair below and we're now on the hunt to recreate EVERY meme in real life starting with the albino cat sitting on a stool!

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