Someone ACTUALLY Pulled The Sword Out Of The Stone At Disneyland!

If you have ever been to Disneyland or Magic Kingdom at Disney World you know that right behind the ICONIC castle sits a sword inside a stone that everyone tries to pull and it turns out YOU CAN STILL PULL THE SWORD OUT!

Apparently one Disneyland visitor succeeded in pulling King Arthur's sword from the stone, effectively breaking the famous Fantasyland prop after the sword was reported missing earlier this week according to Disney Insiders (aka the people who LIVE at Disney Parks).

The park guest who pulled the sword out of the stone hasn't been identified just yet, because you know Disney is going to hook him up with a TON of swag for pulling the sword out, was apparently super in shape. Witnesses also said that the sword seemed broken.

Either way I think we just witnessed King Arthur in real life and if not that guy has to change his name to Arthur!

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