Chuck E. Cheese Is Removing Its Animatronic Band!

If you haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese in a while then get ready to no longer be scared by the animatronic band because the pizza chain is removing it animatronic band for a dance floor.

According to Today, Munch's Make-Believe Band is disbanding and Chuck E. Cheese is going for a solo run in the near future!

Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls, Helen Henny, and Pasqually P. Pieplate will be taking a permanent hiatus as Chuck E. Cheese will now roam about an interactive dance floor across all 600 locations.

At the same time, Chuck E. Cheese is getting rid of game tokens in favor of a play pass system that charges for the time you spend, rather than the number of activities you do kind of like Dave & Buster's/. It’s part of a company-wide makeover that also includes a new logo, updated furniture, and brighter lighting.

On one hand I'm excited that my life is now free of nightmare-inducing robots, but they were the BEST part of Chuck E. Chees...minus getting a weird prize for 50 tickets. Check out one of the band's performances below!

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