A 'Parks & Recreation" Pop-Up Bar Called "Treat Yo Self" is Opening!

Get ready to TREAT YO'SELF in 2019 because a Park and Recreation pop-up bar is opening this weekend!

That's right! Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford's motto is the inspiration for the themed pop-up bar in Chicago that will open in Replay Lincoln Park from August 30 to October 21.

It is only 21+, so be aware that this doesn't look like a kid-friendly event, but if you happen to live/are traveling to Chicago then this is the perfect event to attend if you’re a fan of the show.

The pop-up bar is recreating a ton of sets from the show, including Li’l Sebastian’s Stable and Andy’s Shoe Stand and will also have a menu based on JJ’s diner!

Obviously there will be themed-cocktails as well like the “Give Me All the Bacon,” “Galentine’s Day,” “The Tammy 2,” and, of course, “Snake Juice!” I’m planning a trip to Chicago this Fall ASAP!

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