British Airways Will Give You A VR Headset For In-Flight Entertainment

Are you tired of having to watch the same movies every time you go on a flight? Then you might want to book your next flight through British Airways because they're offering VR headsets as in-flight entertainment options!

The UK airline announced that it would start offering VR headsets in a trial capacity to select passengers on flights through the end of 2019. You also have to be sitting in first class and flying from London Heathrow airport to New York's JFK.

Apparently you can either watch movies or engage in a "therapeutic VR experience" during your flight, which is why the airline is offering the headset!

British Airways is the first British airline to give in-flight VR a shot, but it's not the first in general. Alaska Airlines actually partneredwith SkyLights, the VR company working on the headset, about a year ago for a similar trial run. 

Check out the announcement video below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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