These Are The BIGGEST Moving Mistakes Everyone Makes!

I've lived on both coasts of the US and moving is one of the WORST things because it's one of the most stressful things to do whether you do it all in one day or over several days!

A new poll has found that the average person makes five mistakes during a move, with 44% of people saying they’ve made the same mistake more than once which totally makes sense when you're moving for the first time.

The top mistake people make is packing at the last minute with about 44% of people being guilty of. Here are the other mistakes people commonly make:

  • Furniture won’t fit into the room I planned to put it in (37%)
  • Doing everything myself (36%)
  • Not saving enough for moving expenses (35%)
  • New furniture delivered late (34%) 

So make sure you give yourself about a week or two to properly move and not feel stressed during the whole thing and just think of the dope place you're moving in to! Also don't forget to PIVOT!!

(SWNS Digital)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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