Chick-fil-A Has a New Cheese Dipping Sauce!

Get ready to have a new favorite Chick-fil-A sauce because they are launching a new cheese sauce to dunk all your chicken nuggets and waffle fries in!

I consider myself a Chick-fil-A connoisseur who stands by Chick-fil-A sauce over anything else, but apparently about 430 locations have just started introducing a cheese-flavored dipping sauce.

That's right you can finally have waffle cheese fries! However, you should know that the cheese sauce, which doesn't have a proper name yet, will not be free.

While standard Chick-fil-A sauce is free, the new sauce will cost $1.19 per 3 oz. packet. Now before you freak out, a normal sauce container is one ounce so you're getting your worth in cheese.


Here are what the lucky people who live near a Chick-fil-A serving the cheese sauce have had to say so far and surprisingly it's all positive:


Fingers crossed the Chick-fil-As near work and my apartment get the sauce soon!



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