Hoody Reviews Kingdom Hearts 3 (3 Hours In)

I luckily got my hands on Kingdom Hearts 3 ( KH3 ) a little bit early thanks to Square Enix and while I have been busy with other life things I've played about three hours and here are some of my thoughts about the game so far and if it's worth you buying it now or waiting a little bit.

I will admit that I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game before besides playing a demo version of one of it's MANY entries when McDonald's had video games inside, but there are most likely a ton of people just like me.

While I didn't know the story of the games so far, I mean who really knows since it's been over 14 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, the game has a great feature called "Memory Archives" that is dedicated towards recapping the story while the beginning of the game gives you a general, brief recap.

Also the theme song for KH3 is BAD-ASS! It's called "face My Fears" and is by Kijaru Utada, who has created multiple theme songs for the franchise, and Skrillex. Check that out below while you read the rest of my review.


So now that you know what's sort of going on in the game, essentially you play as Sora, a young teen voiced by Haley Joel Osment, who is paired with Donald Duck and Goofy to combat the evil organization known as Organization XIII.

You get to travel in between iconic Disney and Pixar worlds and play alongside some of Disney's greatest heroes, including: Hercules, Woody and Buzz, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Winnie the Pooh, Elsa and more and they look amazing! This also doesn't include many of the Disney attractions and other characters that serve as part of your attacks. If you're a Disney fan like me then just get this game for that alone.

I will be honest that while the gameplay is fun and quick it actually seems short so far because you normally fight a bunch of enemies and then 10 minutes worth of cut-scenes follow. Not a true gripe, but I just want to hang out with Hercules as much as possible. Also the other voice actors are top-notch to make you think you are watching a Disney movie too.

I would suggest getting this game if you are a BIG Disney fan, and if you need more story recap you can watch this video IGN made , and while I am having a big disconnect with what's happening in the story I do have a grasp on what is essentially happening.

You will have to deal with this at least three hours in, but every time I log onto my Xbox I get excited to play because it sort of recreates the joy you had as a kid when going to Disney World or Disneyland.

Get this game for the nostalgia of Kingdom Hearts, but stay for all the Disney easter eggs and more!

Photo Credit: Square Enix


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