You Can Now Get Married at McDonalds!!

If you've ever dreamed of keeping your wedding on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but at the same time celebrate your love for McDonalds then you're going to love that you'll soon be able to get married in McDonalds!

A new rule in Britain will allow "open-air weddings" that allow couples to get married elsewhere besides registered wedding locations. 

With this new rule people can get married in the same place their reception is at which includes McDonalds!

Who wouldn't want to have Ronald McDonald be able to officiate their wedding and then get free refills of sweet tea whenever they wanted! Plus, if you had a history with McDonalds, like my grandparents have had, then this is perfect!

There's no word on when this could happen in the US, but be ready for that magical day!

(The Sun)

IMAGE: Getty


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