Max From "A Goofy Movie" is an Adult Now and a Lumbersexual?!

A Goofy Movie is one of the classic Disney animated films that doesn't get a lot of hype, but it at least introduced us to Goofy's son Max!

The movie came out in 1995 and Max was supposed to be about 14 during the movie. Well it turns out that Max has grown up and has his own social media accounts!

So this is what you probably remember Max as or probably the college version of him depicted in An Extremely Goofy Movie, but he doesn't look anything like this anymore.


This is what Max looks like right now on his social media accounts:


Yep, Max got super shredded and is rocking the lumberjack look in public!

He also apparently got married to his crush Roxanne and they even had a kid! You can check out the happy couple below and obviously these are parody accounts, but what if Disney characters had real social media accounts? 

I would totally follow the antics Goofy and Ham from Toy Story got into all the time!



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