How to Survive 'Game of Thrones' If You've Never Watched the Show!

I'll be honest that I didn't really start watching HBO's Game of Thrones until I was studying abroad in the place they filmed some scenes and everyone told me to watch it. However, it is one of my favorite shows, but if you've never seen a single episode I've created a guide to help you get through the next few months!

Season 7 premieres July 16 and here are several steps you can do to assure you don't feel super awkward in conversations that happen on Monday!

If someone asks you who your favorite character is, say "The Dragons!"

Everyone loves the dragons on the show because they first were super cute and almost cuddly, but now they are BAD-ASS monsters of destruction! They're definitely a safe bet to claim as your favorite character from the show!

Learn everything you can about one or two characters and always talk about them whenever someone mentions the show.

If you learn a couple of things about one character (that is still on the show), ALWAYS try to get the conversation on that character. Chances are everyone else can debate on that character and their story.

***My personal recommendation is Tyrion Lannistar because who doesn't love someone whose most quotable line is "I drink and I know things..."

If someone tries to talk about the show just say, "No spoilers please! I didn't watch the last episode."

I feel like the "No spoilers" phenomenon got popular because of Game of Thrones and if you just want to ignore any conversations just scream "NO SPOILERS!" It works 99% of the time!

Whenever someone mentions White Walkers, they're not talking about zombies/"walkers" from The Walking Dead!

White walkers are essentially zombies, but on Game of Thrones! They're not on The Walking Dead so just always make sure you mention The Night King with walkers to stay in the know!

If someone tries to bring up a dead character, just say "I really miss them. RIP"

Pretty much any character you get attached to eventually dies an unjustified death in the show and NO ONE IS SAFE! If you happen to bring up a character that recently died, you can cover your tracks by saying you just miss them a lot still!

Above all else, just say either "Winter is Coming" or "Winter is Here!"

"Winter is coming" is one of the most notorious lines from the show and it looks like the show is trying to change it this year with the phrase "Winter is Here!" Also if you need a group of family to get behind, go with the Starks!

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