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I Hopped On A Bus Full Of Strangers To A Destination Unknown...

Imagine... a bus full of strangers get on on a bus to an undisclosed location overnight, with the promise of fall colors and adventure. Would you do it? That is exactly what I did last weekend, with a trip to beautiful West Virginia. I hopped on a bus full of strangers, who quickly became friends, at 7:30am in Union Station in Washington, D.C. with very little expectation on what I was about to experience. As someone who has only lived in the midwest before moving to the D.C. area, I was unsure what to expect but boy was I pleasantly surprised.

The ride to West Virginia took about 3 hours, and once we got to Canaan Valley, we were treated with an adorable airstream filled with hot cider and hot cocoa to welcome us. The people could not have been nicer, and everyone was so up for the adventure ahead. Our first stop was lunch at a waterfall. I've never had such a scenic picnic in my entire life. Everything was farm-to-table, made from all West Virginia products, and as a vegan I was very excited that they were able to accommodate my diet.

After lunch, we headed to our cabin and then changed for a hike/ horseback riding. I opted for the hike, and got to go to the top of Seneca Rocks, which had the most incredible view. When we made it to the top, it literally took my breath away. It is amazing how all of your worries and fears can dissipate while looking out onto the amazing fall foliage around you.

After the hike, we ventured into the city of Davis for some dinner, and dancing. I had the best vegan seitan burrito I have EVER had in my life. No joke.We hit up the Purple Fiddle, a sort of mashup between an ice cream shop and bar, and got to hear an amazing band.

The next morning was my favorite, as we had one last adventure. We headed to NRocks, and hiked the COOLEST Via Ferrata EVER. I thought I would be more scared crossing the bridge, but the view was so unreal that I was just trying to stay present in the moment to soak it all in. I have done a lot of traveling, and this may have been one of my favorite adventures I've ever experienced. While crossing the bridge, the echo was amazing as well, and we had some fun shouting into the fall air.

We headed back to D.C. that night, just a quick two-day trip was all it took to experience the beauty that is West Virginia. This midwesterner got to experience a lot of things that reminded her of fall back home, all while within a few hours of Washington, D.C.

Big thank you to West Virginia tourism for sending me on this adventure, and if you're looking for a fall outing this season, definitely check out everything West Virginia has to offer! #AlmostHeaven


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