How can you incorporate "The Office" into your wedding?!

We're introducing you to CAITLIN! She's the fiance of our previous guest Andrew, so we're finding out if he did get in trouble for anything he said, aand the truth behind their meeting! She's also sharing how they split the work, and work in their love of "The Office" to the decor! We also help her with last minute advice on timing, so they make sure they make it to cocktail hour AND get all of their photos in!

Rob is sharing all the details of his FIRST ANNIVERSARY, and if they have a gift-battle, while EB is starting to MAKE MONEY off of her wedding planning, but needs to know if she did the right thing with how she paid someone. [Please send your opinions!]

In the AISLE PILE: A GUEST-zilla who had a bold thing to say and ask, another guest who said the WRONG thing [and EB can relate!], and a tip for anyone who's worried about the attention during the first dance!

Wanna join us? DM US!




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