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Terrence J says this superstar ALWAYS texts back within an hour

Sony Pictures' "THINK LIKE MAN TOO" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening With Kevin Hart, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Romany Malco and Tim Story

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The best way to start a day: having a conversation with someone who's a humble ray of sunlight. Terrence J was that!

His new VH1 Christmas movie, Hip Hop Family Christmas, premiered last night, but before that happened, I talked to him about what it's like to film such a movie with other musical legends like Redman, Keri Hilson, and more!

We also talked about his legendary friends. When talking about which famous families he'd want to spend the holidays with, he picked Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart because they're funny and have great chefs. He also talked about how no matter how busy they are, they're great friends.

"There's never been a time when I text Kevin Hart and he doesn't respond in an hour. He'll be on set, doing Jumanji... and I don't abuse that," he said. "Jamie's the same way. They always make time for their friends."

What I've always believed is that you know a celebrity is a good person if they're everywhere. The more people they work with, the more they're loved... if they're an ass--, people don't want to work with them. I'm glad Terrence confirmed that for me, for them, and for himself.

"We're all replaceable," he said. "We're all dispensable... one really bad decision away from all of the blessings going away." [and we know that's right]

We also talked about Virgil Abloh, and why there has been such an outpouring of love. "Every time he would send a DM, he would say the most prolific thing.. you'd feel like you're the only person."

These are just my favorite moments of our conversation.. but we also talked about:

  • How long it takes to film a movie like this
  • What it's like to work alongside people he used to interview
  • How he was inspired by the dbags he used to interview for the role in this movie
  • How often he's afraid of becoming a headline in his daily life
  • What kind of family drama he's had during Christmas and the holidays

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