Everything EB wore for her wedding szn

My wedding may be over, but I'm still spending all my time looking back at all of the celebrations. Next to the uncomfortable amount of love [because my friends just did SO MUCH for me I can't even handle it], one of my favorite parts was shopping for all of the white outfits. I really milked it. I wore all white every chance I got, and bought a lottt of dresses to try [the rejects to come later].

Here's a look at the stuff I wore for the biggest events:

For my bridal shower, I went with a dress style I'd never otherwise wear... tulle, polkadots, ankle-length... and it felt perfect. [Click here for $30 off! Make a new account if you already have one... I have a few 😂]

For my bachelorette, we had a thrift shop night where everyone wore really tacky outfits. I got mine from a lovely woman on Poshmark who sent a letter with it that made me feel guilty.

For my rehearsal dinner... I thought about this outfit for the entire two years. It was harder to decide than my wedding dress. I wanted to be extra. I wanted another full wedding dress that was second-hand or just cheap.. in the end, I went with a silky dress from ASOS that I had to [try to] hem the night before.

And on my wedding day... I picked this Kitty Chen dress that had leafy details to match the woods. It was hard to move in for the first couple hours, but damn did I feel good.

After about an hour or so of dancing, I switched into a "reception dress" so that I could really break it down and more importantly, do handstands. It was great and from Lulu's except that the straps ripped off pretty early, and we had to turn it into a halter.

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