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How to have a Hawaiian Bar Crawl Competition

Birthday parties are a BFD in my world. Normally I only plan my own, but when my brother's fiance asked me to help out with planning his, oh I was ready to dive in. We knew he loves Hawaiian Saturday [this is when you wear a Hawaiian shirt every Saturday, of course], a good bar crawl, and a good competition. So.... we created a game where everyone tried to become the "Most Lei'd" and earn the large trophy cup at the end.

After posting about some of it on my IG, I figured I'd give you the important how-to's in case you wanna do the same thing!


  1. Everyone must wear Hawaiians
  2. I bought a couple packs of festive sunglasses to add to it
  3. Get a trophy or an award of some sort
  4. Get a bunch of leis... We had 200 for 35 people which turned out to be more than enough


  • 1 lei for each bar you make it to
  • You can challenge people for their leis. Ex: a chugging competition, cornhole, two truths and a lie, rock paper scissors... winner steals the others' lei
  • Take a "Play to Lei" card/challenge! [See below]
  • Order the "secret drink" at the bar. [This one requires at least one person to not fully play. They designate the secret drink ahead of time. If someone orders it before anyone finds out what it is, they get a lei.]


  1. You may play to lei once per bar
  2. If you pick a card, you must complete it. If you don't you lose a lei.


  • Take a shot with the oldest person in the bar
  • Get the bar to join in on a singalong
  • Model-walk up to the bar
  • Appear on a stranger's social media
  • Talk in a British accent for ten minutes
  • Swap an article of clothing
  • Get a piggyback ride from a stranger

It was SO. MUCH. FUN. All of the colors were fun, the photos were fun, the people were fun. My only complaint was the amount of CHEATING at the end! I hate cheaters. I mean... I guess we didn't enforce the rules enough. We had people leaving early and giving someone their leis. Others were betting all or nothing. We had people with 40 leis at the end! I guess teeeeeccchnically none of that is illegal, but I like good, honest, competition... so maybe you take away the "side bets" aspect of it.

If you do play, let me know! and check out my bar golf birthday party, too!

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