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Nelly talks Florida Georgia Line's disagreements, Super Bowl shows, + more

It's been 21 years since Nelly's "Country Grammar" came out and our lives were forever changed. More than two decades later, we're still playing new music from him on our radio station! AND he's still bringing a little country crossover flare to the airwaves! Remember when he first started doing it and it was so wild to think of genres mixing? Playing country music on a pop station? YOU WOULD NEVER.

With another team up with Florida Georgia Line, Nelly talked to me about all kinds of things, but here are some of my favorite moments:

On Florida Georgia Line getting couple's therapy to sort out their differences:

"When you're in a group, you're a family.. and you're gonna have disagreements. As you grow, it seems like those disagreements grow as well. You never want the bad to oversee the good that you and your family have together. That's what I hope for them because those guys are brothers and I know they love each other.. and the love of the music and who they are will outpower that."

On how the Super Bowls have changed since he was a part of them in 2001 and 2004, and if he finds them boring now:

"When there are sponsorship dollars involved... they're cringing, and fingers crossed that they don't get the picket signs out front."

On if there's anything he's done that became big that still shocks him:

"Never thought 'Ride Wit Me' would be as big as it was because it was just a song that I wrote while in the car.. it was just a beat that came on. I never took it as serious as it became."

On being known for wearing a face band-aid:

"Only wore the band-aid for two out of 22 years... but it's recognition, it beats them hating you."

Check out the entire conversation or the clips below!

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