Rob's Final Words Before His Wedding- 3 Weddings and a Podcast

It's Rob's final episode before he leaves for Key West for his wedding!! He's having some WEIRD nightmares we need to dissect, then elizabethany has a checklist of 42 things you should do the week before the wedding- has he done them?! How is he traveling with everything or getting it down there? Who is giving a toast? What grade does Mallory give him as a helpful wedding-planning-fiancee?! EB got an invite to another wedding and has some complaints about it. In the AISLE PILE: A bridezilla who shouts "BRIDE'S DAY BRIDE'S WAY!" a brother in law who found the wrong way to handle kids, a venue that is canceling weddings last minute, and a tip for food for the couple at the wedding! + a lot more, of course!

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