VIDEO: Hikers save frozen dog from top of mountain

Brace yourself. If you have an average human heart that loves dogs, this one is gonna get ya.

A family lost their dogs on a hike when a deer scared them, and unfortunately one never returned back to camp with them. After two weeks, they had assumed Neesha hadn't made it because of the freezing temps and foreign place.

Then, a couple changed all of that.

They were hiking to the top of the mountain [on a day that no normal person would say let's go leisurely hiking] and saw Neesha shivering against some rocks. She was unable to stand and hadn't eaten. These lovely people gave her their food, their clothes, hoisted her up, and carried her OVER SIX MILES to the bottom of the mountain.

"She was petrified, freezing cold. She didn’t have enough energy to bark or stand,” Bonnet said in an interview withEastcoast FM. “We tried to get her to walk, she couldn’t stand. So we covered her in our spare clothes, we gave her some food.”

Watch their TikTok below.

h/t GNN