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Everything EB Bought in January

When I was thinking about starting this monthly post, I thought "I haven't bought much this month, this could be a boring one." lololol of course that's not actually true when I open up my order summaries.

This month was about starting a new year in comfort. Making sure my WFH setups are as good as they can be, and my body is as warm as possible for all of the outdoor hangs in freezing temperatures.

Check out the descriptions/links, then photos below!


  1. A NEW DESK! After FINALLY discovering a way to move some furniture around and make some room for a 35" desk, I bought a simple one that was a perfect fit. It's black, wood, easy to put together, and holds my standing desk that I went to pick up in the office.
  2. A desk pad. This is something the internet convinced me to buy, because my non-studio working setup is out on my coffee table, which was getting scratched up from everything. This will keep it nice.
  3. A to-do list pad. I always get a new planner each year, but I really only use them for to do lists, so I tried this instead, and it's SO MUCH BETTER. I love that I have a place for things I need to get done at some point throughout the week, a place for the things I have to do every day, and then daily spots for new things I need to get done.


  1. Heated socks! I've had heated gloves and they've been a LIFE CHANGER! So I got these heated socks which also help. Removable, rechargeable battery packs for the win!
  2. Warm booties! I've never had fur lined shoes [fact... I've proudly never owned Uggs] so I didn't wanna spend a lot of money trying them out. These were $20. They're not the cutest/highest quality boots on the planet, but they're warm and more stylish than my snow boots!

FOR MY BODY [AKA things the internet told me to buy so I did]:

  1. In-shower lotion after I read a whole thread about how most people don't shower without some form of lotion and I really hate regular lotion.
  2. New night cream that after about a week's worth of using, I think I'll actually buy this one a second time.
  3. Aquaphor to put on your face a few nights a week to really lock in all the products you put on. It's slimey, but I did wake up smooth AF.


  1. A 4-bottle wine carrying tote. I've been bringing a lot of bottles of liquor with me to homes or picnics or whatever this year. They don't fit in my cooler bags that are normally full of my fiance's beer, and they clank too much in a big bag. This seems semi-pointless, but it's actually my second favorite purchase of the month, after my desk.
  2. A wine rack that I will be using for my liquor bottles at home. Again, I have a lot of liquor bottles and they were making my shelves droop, so.... time to try something new. TBD if I like it.

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