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Play EB's Countdown Game on New Year's Eve

It didn't take long to realize not only I, but all of my friends, would be seeing a handful of households for Christmas, so doing something all together for New Year's Eve was off the table. Sitting at home and watching the ball drop with nothing else happening.... sounded like my nightmare. It IS my nightmare. I quickly got to work in coming up with ideas for a Zoom party that's worth attending.

Throughout the year, a group of us have done lots of video-chat parties with themes. Outfit themes and games-themes. From Zoom-Beer-Olympics, to Family Feud, a Spring Break to remember, and a dog's funeral. I credit these weekly Friday night hangs for helping me enjoy this year and constantly have something to look forward to!

So now, it's time for a Countdown Tournament.

A Zoom New Year's Eve

The idea is we play a bunch of games, and if you win a game, you get a point. Person with the most points at the end, wins the whole thing! I may even order a trophy for them if it's not me because winning trophies as an adult is very fun and it's not at all expensive.

When you play games, you don't often have to worry about people talking over each other or the awkward "WHAT WAS THAT? HUH?" You're either playing or you're watching. I also wanted to make most of it playable for non-drinkers, and people who are playing alone. Here's a sample of the games... but you could totally switch any of them out for what you and your people like to play!

Zoom New Year's Eve Countdown Games

Any comments, thoughts, questions?! Hit me up on the socials! @luvelizabethany! Let me know if you try it out!

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