How to plan a bachelorette party in 2020 - 3 Weddings and a Podcast

It's our first WINE-INFUSED EPISODE! We're drinking while recording, and talking about all things bachelor/ette parties with our guest Elaina! So yes- STRIPPERS will have their spotlight! Elaina is a couple weeks away from her wedding after getting engaged in March; find out how she brought her guest list from over 200 to 50! She's also fresh off of her large but safe bachelorette party, and a surprise bachelor party for her man! LOTS of tips for how to pull these off in 2020! Plus- EB is worried about a conversation her mom had with a neighbor. In the AISLE PILE: A Maid of Honor who won't go to the bachelorette party, a newlywed couple that was being "searched for" after the big day, and the MOST EXPENSIVE wedding dresses of all time!

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