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Dixie D'Amelio gets ready to shoot reality TV and more music videos

2020 has been different for everyone... but one family who is really thriving: The D'Amelios.

Some people are comparing the family of four to the Kardashians, and/or calling them "TikTok royalty." Only one of those titles really puts the pressure on Dixie, though.

"We love [the Kardashians], but we know our place," she said.

At the beginning of the year, she was a high school senior, focusing on her sports, and going to school in Alabama this fall. Now she's shooting music videos for her own music, and helping to buy her family a big new house. It's all about the fun, though... not the pressure.

"[My parents] are very supportive of my singing, but they just want us to have fun. They wouldn't let us continue if we weren't having fun."

And a big part of that fun is collaborating with artists and other influencers. Most of the time it happens the way you'd think- with a DM. She says it's normally them reaching out to her, though. When she joked about putting Lil Mosey on a remix of her song when they met, she didn't expect it to happen soon after.

What about seeing her family on TV? There has been a lot of talk about their new reality show for months, but she tells me they haven't even started filming it yet.

"I'm excited to show it... it's going to be nice to give everyone everything we do."

Until we can watch even more of that, we'll have to watch more of her YouTube talk show.. and listen to the interview below for more on how she tries to not be bothered by people's opinions, and how she's handling all of the fame.

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