How did EB survive the large wedding?! - 3 Weddings and a Podcast

elizabethany has [so far] survived going to a large wedding in Coronavirus times, and is here to tell us all about it!- the beautiful, the scary, and the reasons why she has never cried so much in her entire life. Rob, believe it or not, has crossed off another major planning milestone! We also introduce you to Autumn, who got engaged in Paris! Her fiancee did a LOT of prep before the proposal, and we're giving him a lot of props for it! Now they've brought their wedding to 10% of the original plan. As a huge Disney fan, will she incorporate some of that into the decor?! You better believe EB has some ideas for her! In the AISLE PILE!: A bridesmaid gets kicked out, then invited back in... but doesn't show up. Another "bride" is going forward with her wedding planning, even without a groom who knows anything about it.. and a bridesmaid who pumped during the wedding portraits!

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