How to see the Neowise comet where you live

Okay... there has been a giant, beautiful comet floating through the air, visible FOR WEEKS, and it's just now become knowledge for most of us?!?? BS.

Just before sunrise, and just after sunset [although I'm seeing several pictures from about 10p EST], you can see this in the sky:

Honestly... I can't stop looking at photos of it. They're beautiful! but I have other stuff to do, so I'll get right to the point.

When this link isn't overcrowded, it can tell you the best time to see Neowise in your town. They say to stay away from city lights, but some of those photos are straight outta the city!

Also visible this week: The space station! So click here to see when you can view that.

Happy spacing! [Space is so freaky, tbh]

Okay one more photo.

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