VIDEO: Car makes wrong turn, gets windows bashed in

You know that feeling when you accidentally turn down the wrong way on a one way street? Or your turn is right there and you could be an [bleep] and cut people off and make it but you'll feel bad? Or when you accidentally walk into a classroom/party/etc that you were not invited to?

Imagine a combination of those things.

This car seemingly had no idea they were turning onto a street that was unofficially blocked off so that an annual tradition of skating and biking down the steep hill of San Francisco could go on... and when they did, there was no turning back or getting out easily. The mob of people cheered as people bashed in their windows.

The terror.

The whole event is pretty terrifying, tbh. A lot of people crashing. A lot of me cringing. You've been warned, but you can watch below.

image: Getty