Bruce Franks Jr is his own Superman now

When I first looked up Bruce Franks Jr, I saw he was a battle rapper turned House Representative. That was interesting. Then I read more about how he's been on the frontlines of Black Lives Matter and that he had been to over 160 funerals by the time he was 34. That's when I cried. I couldn't stop reading that line. That is so many funerals.

In an interview that's a bit more of a serious topic than I usually cover, Bruce Franks and I still had a little fun, talked about the importance of putting yourself first so your mental health is at its best, and some tips for people who want to help Black Lives Matter, but may not know where to begin or how to do it. Hint: It's not about grand gestures. It's just about having conversations with people you know.

Check out the interview below and absolutely check out the Oscar nominated documentary on MTV.

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