EB be Interviewin: An open conversation with LGBTQ youth

Did you know I'm raising money and dancing for a small LGBTQ organization called SMYAL? I am... because I believe in them and I know that the LGBTQ+ world still needs a lot of help. This organization helps youth specifically, starting at age 6, in every aspect of their life. They have housing if they need it, or they can just help them feel surrounded with love and become a leader in the community.

I talked to people representing the organization as well as a teen who is currently involved in the program to hear their stories, how they have helped and have been helped, and what they still need people to try and understand.

There are still a lot of questions I have and things I would like to better understand even though I've been a strong ally for most of my life... so I'm asking those tough questions so we can all better understand their feelings and tough moments. This conversation gave me goosebumps at least a dozen times, including when we talked about the 6 year olds who go to the program, and when Leslie, the teen, talks about how abuse outed them [rather than them choosing the right time for it].

Listen to the full conversation below, and share it with anyone and everyone. If you're able to donate any sum of money [or know someone/an organization that can!], CLICK HERE TO VOTE/DONATE!

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