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PHOTOS: Elizabethany's trip to Oktoberfest

I SURVIVED! I survived my first trip to Oktoberfest in Munich, and a couple other European cities afterwards!

For some reason I really questioned my ability to survive this one. I've gone on some really epic high-drinking-level trips, but Oktoberfest intimidated me a little bit. Maybe it was the movie. Maybe it was the fact I'm a vodka girl more than I am a beer girl... but I was unsure how it was going to work out.

Turns out: It is far less rowdy than you'd think... unless you're planning it a year in advance. I don't plan in advance.

First of all, some pictures:

The traditional Oktoberfest gear is in fact a must. I got mine from a legit brand on Amazon. Someone we know got turned away because they were wearing a "German costume." Nein.

It was hard to find a spot at a table, though! They don't let you drink unless you're in a tent, sitting at a table, limit 10 people per table. People reserve them a year ahead of time, so it's a real gamble whether you'll find a spot or not. [You're not allowed to stand up/around. You must sit, unless you're planning on chugging an entire beer... in which the entire tent will cheer for you as they watch.] On Saturday we got REALLY lucky finding some people from Kansas City who had just enough room. Later that day we had no more luck. We were shut out from drinking! So rude. I just really thought it'd be much easier to get a ton of steins and be a mess all weekend. Turns out I didn't black out at all! Not even for five minutes! ...I don't think.

Did you know it's basically a giant carnival? I had no idea there were so many rides and games! It's a full on amusement park, even! It was very fun, but there was no drinking in the rides-area. Families or something, I guess.

So, TIPS if you think about going:

  1. Wear the proper attire... and shop on Amazon so you can try it on/get free returns
  2. If you can, plan a year ahead. If you can't, go with a small group so there's room for you to squeeze in
  3. Get there on a weekday or as early as possible to secure your first table of the day. Don't even bother showing up sober at nighttime.
  4. Be friendly and not picky. If you see a spot, get it. Make friends.
  5. Don't be afraid to take a water glass to the bathroom and fill it up... they charge too much for water. You deserve to spend you money on beer. Lots of it. So stay hydrated.

After Munich, we went to Prague, Vienna, Innsbruck and Venice, which I'll write about some more as the days go on... or you can get a preview on my instagram now!

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