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Lizzo talks to EB about being her own inspiration

I don't think anyone's really going to argue with you if you say Lizzo is a QUEEN. She's a vibe. The leader of a movement. The matriarch of loving yourself.

Somehow, I got her on my podcast.

It's hard to figure out where to begin with someone like this. Her music is everywhere, and she's about to be in what I think is one of the most exciting movies of 2019 [Hustlers]. I was stunned in my prep that I had to just wing it. Never did I think that would take us in a more serious direction about where the confident-sounding songs come from.

"My songs are just sad. These are things I've had to do while crying," she explained to me.

I guess when I listen, the bops are so strong that I don't think of them coming from a sad place. Lizzo has talked about how she was in a dark depression, though. It was actually after "Truth Hurts" came out. When it didn't take off like she expected it to, she thought she'd have to quit music even though she says "there is nothing else I will do." I asked her how she was able to pull herself out of that.

"I think I needed to express it. I expressed it to somebody, communicating and opening up about it. I had to tell the producer that if I quit music tomorrow, nobody would care."


She did show off her candid confidence, though. That's not a fake or a front. When asked what's one accomplishment of hers that has made her think, "wow, I can't believe I'm doing this," she simply said, "Oh I believe it. I believe it all." YES GIRL.

Listen to whole thing and lemme know if you're feeling even more inspired to work through those times where you feel like nothing is working in your favor! Let's all #SmellTheRoses, as she says!

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