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EB won Dancing with the Stars!*

*not the Dancing with the Stars that our Bobby Bones won. 

You may or may not have seen my social media talking about all of my practices for a local Dancing with the Stars. I was paired up with a pro, he taught me a chacha dance, and then we competed two Saturdays ago. 

After weeks of not only practicing, but also begging everyone to donate money, I ended up raising over $11,000! I'm so thankful for everyone who helped out that I almost typed out the word gratitude until I realized that was too unlike me. I honestly don't know how to express how appreciative I am of people giving their hard earned cash to help me [even though it ultimately helped charity and kids in need]. I feel like I let you down for not winning... 

Still, it was an incredible adventure and experience. You can see the whole journey on my Instagram [look at the DWTS highlight] and there's this quick video of the actual event: 

After the competition, I left the country on my first ever cruise. No, I didn't use your donations, I SWEAR. but your girl needed some dranks and sunshine. 

Turns out, they have their own version of "Dancing with the Stars" on the ship! I put my name into a bucket that they randomly drew from, and competed against 5 other contestants. 


The judges didn't love my classic white girl dancing or my random twerking, but the crowd did. They picked us to win the coveted bottle of champagne and tshirt that declares me a champion!

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