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AJ Mitchell tests his pop culture knowledge

AJ Mitchell is the newest/next teen heartthrob. He has the adorable looks, talent, confidence, and he'll throw you a couple surprises when talking to him. 

His new song "Girls" has a video full of girls in school uniforms, which I assumed was what he liked. I asked him why they were attractive and he said it brought him back to the school days, even though he didn't go to a school with uniforms. Then I had to get to the bottom of who he's really crushing on. 

Nicki Minaj. Sweet AJ Mitchell loves Nicki Minaj and he's not afraid to talk about it. 

"Oh I think I can handle Nicki Minaj," he tells me as I feel overwhelmed at even the THOUGHT of WATCHING anything of the sort. 

At just 17 years old, he already has a few years of singing professionally. HOW DO KIDS DO THIS?! 

AJ shared his story of discovery, which includes a random blog tweeting about him, then moving to LA with his manager, and finally his family making the move a year later. 

"Oh they love it. They love it. I have two sisters and they're very protective of me," he said of his family.

I also heard that earlier that day [that he was in the studio] he watched the Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" video for the first time, which inspired me to find out if he knew about other major things in pop culture. Has he watched Borat, Wedding Crashers, or Goldmember? Does he know who Left Eye is? Can he name the person who said "George Bush hates black people"? It's shocking/depressing/eye opening to see what he does and doesn't know. 

Listen to all of this and more about his music in the podcast below! Then get exposed to other artists in my EB be Interviewin' podcast!

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