PHOTO DIARY: EB's Redneck Weekend

Every year, I load into an RV to "Jambo my Jambo." There's a country festival in the middle of Ohio and it provides a real special time. Imagine thousands of people not caring to shower, look good, or be too drunk. There are zero f's given about anything. It's fantastic. 

I've seen people create water slides from one truck bed to another, a beer bong from an actual deer head, and some other fantastic inventions.

The best was posted on my Insta stories, but here are some more highlights in case you care: 

One of my favorite moments was walking to the foam party by myself when some guy stops dead in his tracks and says "HOT DIGGITY $#!*! ARE YOU COMMITTED?!?!" If I'm gonna get cat-called, I hope it's always with a funny sentence like that. I've never felt hotter. 

I may have ended up with a jammed/swollen knuckle, bloody and sore back, scratches alllll the way up my legs, and countless bruises, but like I said- zero f's are given.... until I have to come back to reality when people might judge me. So rude. 



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