EXPOSED: Years & Years' Olly Alexander

The second I Googled "Years & Years" and saw their main guy Olly, I was excited for the chance to talk to him... whenever that may be. That time was this week. 

Olly is everything anyone could want in a human: Colorful, free, honest, and unapologetically himself. When he performs, he's entranced in the music and letting his body do as much talking as his voice. Some people call it "too erotic;" I call it fantastic and what the world needs. 

He called to talk about their latest single "If You're Over Me," but I had some things to address first, like him meeting Rihanna on the Graham Norton show and TOTALLY fangirling over her. 

"HOW COULD YOU NOT?! Omg. but she was everything I wanted her to be," he said. 

And when it comes to being called "too erotic," he's unphased. He says some people are just uncomfortable because they're not used to it or because he's different, but that fuels his fire more. 

Also a very important topic: Thruples. His dream relationship situation is a thruple [three men together] but the way he describes the entire scenario is not what I would have expected! Listen below to all of this and more about the music: 



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