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The Backstreet Boys play "The Voting Game"

Hi, I'm elizabethany, and I'm a very giddy girl today. 

The Backstreet Boys are BACK! Again... but this time, it feels really good. It feels fresh and modern and real. It doesn't feel like they're trying too hard to be something they used to be, or trying to be the "cool dads." I'm very much a Team NSYNC girl, but BSB just keeps supplying the ammo for their team to prove why they're the best. 

They called to promote their new single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," but I know they're doing plenty of informational interviews all over the place, and decided to go back to my roots of playing games with artists. Enter "The Voting Game." 

AJ and Kevin were the two that called me today and had to tell me who of the guys fits the following cards:

  • Most likely to watch the Royal Wedding
  • Last to pee their pants
  • Gives the best life advice
  • Peaked in high school
  • Has the most obnoxious self-imposed dietary restrictions
  • Probably has the most interesting Google search history
  • The biggest lightweight when drinking

We also went on a tangent about their families because that is something new and different to people who were fans of them 19 years ago when Millennium came out. They talked about going to soccer practice the other day and if they're setting their kids up with each other.

"They're our biggest fans, it's so cool," AJ told me. "And I'm the only one with daughters so all the boys are very protective over them. My wife tried to pair my four year old up with Joey McIntyre's son," but that's not going to happen. 

They're full on soccer dads some days, and pop stars getting ready to release their TENTH album and perform at our Wango Tango on others... and just as fun as they always were. 

Listen below! 

Also, for funsies... there's this video from FIVE years ago when I was in their pre-show party thing and got to ask them questions as a fan. 

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