EXPOSED: Tom Walker Leaves a Light On

When I request to get someone on the phone for Exposed, it's not always easy. Most of the time it's not, actually... but when I asked for Tom Walker, they made it happen with the quickness. 

He's in the middle of doing 150 shows this year, 35 of which are festivals, trying to find time to get into a studio to record new music, and still took the 8-10 minutes to talk to me. 

His song "Leave a Light On" could be interpreted as a break-up song, but it's actually about his "good mate" who was drinking way too much and dealing with addiction. Though they're both good now, Tom didn't tell his friend about the song until after he had heard it live at a show. There were definitely mixed feelings. 

After stalking him on social media a little bit, I realized I totally agree with a lot of things he's said, especially about technology. Did he know there were people in Sweden who were micro-chipping themselves as a form of identification, payment, and even to start their cars?! He didn't... but it did put us on a quick tech tangent. 

Another thing I wanted to bring up to him that I've never really talked to someone else before about is what it's like to have a song that has technically been out for a while, but is just now making its way to the US. Is he sick of pretending like it's new? Does he pay a lot of attention to the chart success? It's a weird world... this radio/hit making world.. 

Listen to all of that and more in the full chat below, and then check out the song! 



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