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EXPOSED: Normani's moment of pride

It's been two weeks since Fifth Harmony officially announced their hiatus, and the girls have not waited to hit the ground running on their solo careers. 

Normani already had a single out with Khalid, "Love Lies," and now it's hit a milestone- 100 million streams!

"I'm the biggest stan for this song," she said. "This is a moment I can say 'OK girl, I'm proud of you, you killed it.'"

Having pride in yourself is one of THE best feelings, so it totally gave me goosebumps to hear her say that. She's in a happy place. An exciting one. 

"This is a leap of faith. It's exhililarating, exciting. I don't see a negative in it... [but] to not see three other bodies around me, it'll be a little freaky."

What does it feel like when you're splitting from a pop group? She agrees it's a lot like separating in a marriage, but remaining supportive and loving of one another. [I guess like the Tatums *eyeroll* She's a lot more sad about that than I am because hi, I'm angry.]

"It's respected. We support each other. It's cool that we are able to do this confidently and happily with the approval of the others. 

And she knows the Harmonizers are to thank for the success of not only the past, but hopefully the future-

"They have given us their all. They've been so dedicated, loyal, and patient at times."

Listen to the whole podcast below, and her song with Khalid! Let me know if you think we need to be playing it on our station more often! 

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