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Elizabethany's trip to Sugar Factory

A couple weeks ago I posted about a place I had somehow just found out about- Sugar Factory. Apparently they're in several major cities, but I had to figure out a way to get to a place that prides itself on extravagant alcoholic drinks and milkshakes. 

I tried out the DC/Pentagon City location at lunchtime. It was relatively empty, and perfect for photos. 

My coworker and I knew we had to try one of the goblet drinks, an appetizer, meals, and milkshakes. 

Our goblet: The Raspberry Watermelon Mojito. 

They make it do that fancy smoke thing, and you have to drink quickly so it doesn't overflow. Never have I ever been told I'm not drinking fast enough until this moment when I was trying to take it all in. It was sweet, but not too much... but we definitely only needed one between the two of us once they brought out the second half that we didn't even know existed. 

Appetizer: Macaroni and Cheese Pops. Fried mac n cheese. In ball form. On a stick. With bacon sauce. I don't need to tell you that it was delicious, you already know. 

Meals: Big Cheesy Burger and Shimp Crepe. They have so many huge burger options. It was tough to eat it and keep the macaroni on the burger, but it was still a solid burger and good fries. I will be CRAVING the shrimp crepe until I can go back again.. I'm so glad I got it. The sauce inside was creamy and full of flavor and my mouth is watering. 

Milkshakes, the tough decision: We got the Sugar Daddy Caramel Cheesecake and the Nutella Banana. 

The size of the cheesecake slice on mine was big enough for me to be satisfied but OHMYGOD YALL. That milkshake was also to die for. Same with the Nutella Banana, full of phallic shaped treats. 

They have a candy store and so many other goodies, and even plenty of places to take a good insta pic. The full gallery of the experience is below:

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